Who We Are

SMPOA About Us

The Santa Maria Police Officer's Association Serves The City of Santa Maria and Its Members With Honor and Pride

The Santa Maria Police Officer’s Association represent Police Officers, Crime Scene Investigators, Dispatchers, and Police Service Technician’s of the Santa Maria Police Department

The goal of the SMPOA is to act as a liaison between its members and management. In addition, the Board conducts contract negotiations; schedules department functions, supports local charities and fundraisers, and works to maintain morale among its members.

The SMPOA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary and two board members. The Board is elected by its members every two years.

In The Department

The board members serve the association by conducting contract negotiations, scheduling of association sponsored events, maintaining and improving department morale. The board members act as liaisons between the officers and the command staff when dealing with personnel issues. Board members are knowledgeable in the Peace Officer Bill of Rights, and they monitor internal affairs investigations to ensure officer's rights are not violated. During contract negotiations, the board members complete research and present the members positions on topics such as benefits, work schedules and salaries, to the city manager.

In The Community

The SMPOA is active in our community by supporting many charities and public awareness events. From donating funds to fallen officer's families to local schools and athletic organizations, the SMPOA strives to assist our community. Occasionally, the association will donate funds and services to families and victims of tragic incidents in our community. This can range from paying for dinner for an abandoned child we find on the street, to assisting a low income family with funeral expenses. Although funds are limited, we do our best at being there for people when they are dealing with a hard time in their life. We have a great working relationship with our community. By being there for them, they repay us by being there when we need them.